The signature Monisha Jaising Twin Sets – a go to attire for all occasions


Finding the right look has to be one of the biggest challenges when preparing for an event. We all want to get it right, look amazing, yet not OTT!

Here at Monisha Jaising, we understand the need for the same. Our signature Twin Sets fit all your needs, catering to being your go to attire for every occasion. 

  1. Beach/Poolside parties 

Our Turkish Wrap Twin Set plays just with the mood of the gathering with its cool color scheme from the classic color wheel, and its distinctive print. The Middle-Eastern element common to the aforementioned along with the Mughal Wrap Twin Set underneath which you can wear a brightly colored bikini. No need for much accessories! Just pop in a pair of earrings and throw on some sandals. 

  1. Wedding ceremonies

Our printed Twin Sets have become the hot favorite attire amongst the jet-set whilst attending a destination wedding in any part of the world. Traditional lehengas, and saris have become rather mainstream, pushing this outfit on top of that “can’t do without” list whilst packing. Our Saffron Twin Set fits best with the sangeet/mehndi, with its vibrant orange-yellow and intricate detailing, while the Pierre Twin Set plays well with the standard of outfits required at the wedding ceremony. 

  1. Brunch

Heading to brunch this weekend? It's something you've probably done a million times, but after more than a year of sweatpants & oversized tees, you might want to be comfortable but not messy, stylish but ‘not try too hard,’ so you can enjoy your mimosas and avocado toasts with style! The Moscow Twin Set checks all the boxes on the list, giving you a chic look with its puff sleeves and exclusive print.

  1. Religious ceremonies

There is a serenity which comes hand-in-hand with religious ceremonies. Whether you are in a church, temple or mosque, the required dress code is one which is modest leaning towards a good cover up. The Shalimar Bagh Twin Set and the Scarf Twin Set strike the right balance between the sentiment of the occasion and in-vogue apparels. 

  1.  After Party 

After going through a night of high heels and a formal outfit, an after party is all about fun and letting your hair down. You are dying to get the zipper down of that fitted dress and slip into a relaxed yet glamorous look for the rest of the evening. Our Pierre Twin Set is your quick fix; team it with trainers and dance the night away. 

Be it an occasion which demands comfortability or one which provides a space for expressing your style, we have a Twin Set for them all.

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