The Monisha Jaising- Magnum Muse

This season, the Monisha Jaising Woman is unusual, proactive, dramatic, and someone with an element of mystique.

Monisha’s collection resonates the resurgence in her textures mixed in reckless abandon in form of random patches on flat denim, block colored pieces jolted with an electric streak of sporty stripes, easy and breezy whisper-weight golden brown lamès and boho ombrè hand-woven cottons, sequins and bugle beaded fringes add dazzle to shift shapes. Staying true to its sandy and neutral hues she throwbacks the ‘70s suede in classic tailored warm-weather jackets, a dash of “Americano” thanks to patent pinstripes in crisp shirts and spangled stars in laser cut reveal just enough skin.

The Monisha-Magnum Muse:

Monisha turns to the performers whose fashion sensibility was as original and influential as their work in the industry.

The “Luxe Resort” collection, is a modern take on Ali McGraw’s bohemian meets preppy, Jane Birkin’s laid-back glamour, Meryl Streep’s easy elegance, Charlotte Rampling’s alluring mix of vulnerability and raw sexuality, Bianca Jagger’s “Studio54” androgynous hippie mode, and Iman’s statuesque and chic style…

The Color Story:

Retro Browns and harvest gold, which are Magnum’s trademark colors dominate the collection in different treatments and forms.
Turning ordinary shapes into the extraordinary are splashes of white chocolate, black iris, freesia yellow, vista blue and ultramarine green with its clever color blocking and proportions.

Textures & Treatments:

70’s staples get remodeled with a fashion-forward appeal in Distressed skinny jeans and retro flared denims that adorn Moghul flowers intricately rendered in silken thread accented with India’s rich traditional “badla” embroidery.

The idea of amalgamating modern crochet patterns with macramé craft in single pieces gives a refreshingly modern makeover to the past.

Leaving the dapper essence of the classic tennis sweater as it is, Monisha replaces the age old knit texture with her signature sequined sheeting technique.

Giving athleisure a new meaning are sporty stripes in inundating gross grain and sequins patched over block colors in easy shapes.

The primitive and global sensibility of the simple “Ikat” motif makes it so universal; whether it’s defined as slightly tribal, a cousin of chevron, or totally tie-dye – But Monisha gives this woven pattern a brand new life! She incorporates it in bleeding sequined sheeting, and swinging fringes, which almost looks like a print, but it’s actually an illusion of the print in surface texture.

Luxurious bonded crepe combines with an uneven hand woven reflective graphic, which takes its idea from the “Magnum Crack” – which represents the first bite that people inherently recognize as their “Magnum Moment”.

The eveningwear is constructed with luxe featherweight lame, and finely pleated metallic satin, which creates pure decadence.